Wireless Fibre For Home

Experience lightning speed Wireless Internet at your home. Stream 4K and game online with line speeds of up to 30mbps. Our plans are unshaped and uncapped giving you the best internet speeds. Browse our packages below and apply today. The Internet awaits! 

Wire Fibre Terms & Conditions

1) Client will only own the equipment after completing a 12 or 24 month contract in full, or if they have purchased the hardware via our Month-Month option.

2) The Landlord will cooperate with removing all equipment installed by GLOBE COM inside and outside the building when cancellation or contract breach from Client occurs.

3) Client is responsible for the equipment’s safety and may not move the equipment without GLOBE COM consent…Physical spike or surge damage on GLOBE COM equipment will not be covered over the contract period, thus making it the client responsibility to ensure safety for the above mentioned equipment. The Client will be charged the necessary costs for replacing equipment while in a contract.

4) A call out fee will be charged if the client cannot resolve connection problems with the LAN part of the network. GLOBE COM will only give free support on the Wan (Fibre) side of the network e.g. splicing, cabling.

5) All purchasing of internet equipment e.g. routers, WiFi access points must be done through GLOBE COM or a designated supplier.

6) The client reserves the right to cancel at any time. A one month cancellation notice must be given. Termination within a month-to-month contract will result in mandatory payment of that month’s premium. Premature termination within the 12 and 24 month contracts will result in a mandatory payment of 60% of the remaining remuneration of the stipulated term, by said client, to GLOBE COM.

7) Removal of equipment must be done at the Client own costs. Covering of holes, removing of cables, and other structure changes are not the responsibility of GLOBE COM Pty Ltd.

8) GLOBE COM reserves the right to block peer to peer (torrents) programs and other non-standard internet protocols. GLOBE COM are willing to give any information e.g. Data, movies, music, images from the client’s log files to ICASA and South African Police or any other International authorities if needed.

9) The Client is responsible for all internet traffic arriving on their computers/devices through the internet and GLOBE COM takes no responsibility whatsoever. All internet content, are the responsibility of the client and not GLOBE COM.

10) Detection of virus or spy-ware or excessive internet traffic from the client router on GLOBE COM network will result in immediate disconnection. Reconnection will only be done when client have resolved the problem and have evidence that disinfection have taken place.

11) GLOBE COM will not be held responsible for any damages direct or indirect from their services rendered to the client through the internet connection given, software or hardware related.

12) GLOBE COM Pty Ltd reserves the right to throttle/manage/quality of service/deny any protocol, file extensions, domains, layer7 and port connections to the client, including port forwarding.

13) All internet traffic may be graphed and produced on client request.

14) GLOBE COM is not responsible for a SMTP server and mail relays. The client is responsible for their own SMTP server domain for sending mails.

15) Internet from the Client may not be shared to any third party unless permission granted by GLOBE COM.

16) Only base speed is guaranteed on local traffic and not international traffic, burst speed is not guaranteed.

17) GLOBE COM can only guarantee connectivity from our service provider, and cannot guarantee up time after lightning storms, and natural disasters.

18) GLOBE COM Internet may be disconnected during lighting storm due to network shut-down.

19) GLOBE COM cannot be held responsible for damages of wireless fibre cable and structures during excessive weather storms.

20) Software and settings of the TP-Link router are responsibility of GLOBE COM and the client may not change any settings.

21) When debit order failure occurs, disconnection will be applied immediately. The reconnection fee will be 2 months premium on next debit order as holding deposit for security reasons. It is the Clients responsibility to ensure funds are available each month in their own bank accounts on the agreed upon debit date. The client will also not have any credit facilities on their account when signing a contract.

22) When signing a contract the client may only use the debit order facilities and may not do any other manual payment methods e.g. cash, bank transfer.

23) GLOBE COM reserves the right to inquire the Client ICT and credit checks and other background information when signing a contract.

24) The client will be liable for all other extra installation costs including 3 Rd party installation from other companies, connecting to GLOBE COM network e.g. routers, server, hub, switches, access points, network cable, WiFi equipment.

25) GLOBE COM reserves the right to photograph equipment, installation and wiring for marketing and quality reasons.

26) GLOBE COM reserves the right to increase the monthly fees with the client consent. Rules, Standards and regulations can be changed at any time with the clients consent and notification; increase in monthly fees includes fees that are in arrears.

27) Client’s first invoice will be prorated for each month, from the day after connection. If this invoice is not manually paid (EFT/Cash), GLOBE COM may add it to the first debit order.

28) Public internet protocol address reputation is the client responsibility and not GLOBE COM, The public address may change without prior notice. GLOBE COM is the owner of the public IP’s.

29) GLOBE COM will not be held responsible for any structural damage caused to a building, such as drilled holes, loose bricks, masts, roof tiles, roof leaking etc. or the after effects of such structural damage.

30) GLOBE COM is not responsible for the maintenance or design of any internal networks.

31) The client is responsible at all times to keep the installation of GLOBE COM safe and secure.

32) By signing this contract you authorise GLOBE COM to install infrastructure e.g. tar pole’s, trenching where and when needed. The infrastructure will remain the property of GLOBE COM after the contract and any form of cancellation of service, and can only be removed from premises after contract termination by GLOBE COM.

33) Minimum installation time on a contract is 2 hours, if surpassed hourly labour charge will be billed.

34) The client is responsible for all internal traffic.

35) Should the fibre misalignment occur because of wind or any other condition, GLOBE COM will not be held responsible for any repair costs involved.

36) Only 50 Concurrent connections will be given to a single router unless stated otherwise.

37) GLOBE COM will not be held responsible for any wireless fibre damage caused by vandalism or unrest

38) The Clients wireless fibre equipment must produce and receive proper connection to prevent disconnection.

39) By signing this application form, you authorize GLOBE COM to deduct any outstanding amount via GLOBE COM Debit order system.

40) GLOBE COM will not be responsible for damage to any equipment as a result of lightning damage and high electrical current whatsoever.

41) GLOBE COM will not be held responsible for Quality on 3rd party real time services like VoIP, Gaming and video conferencing and streaming.

42) The Customer will accept all risk involved attending to equipment maintenance and installations by themselves.

43) GLOBE COM technicians will have right of way when installing equipment at client premises and attending to maintenance on property, during contract and out of contract period.

44) The safety of GLOBE COM technicians must be looked after, when installing or maintaining equipment on premises. E.g. by removing pets.

45) GLOBE COM will not be held responsible for any modifications to buildings, electrical equipment. E.g. power to Geysers.

46) GLOBE COM will not be held responsible for the customers WiFi key. GLOBE COM will setup a default key unless stated otherwise by the customer. If the customer needs a different key, GLOBE COM can assist the customer to change the key, charges may apply for changing the key.

47) All Uncapped traffic is true uncapped by GLOBE COM but may be regulated by third party internet service providers

48) GLOBE COM cannot Guarantee any traffic speed, business or home package between Friday 22:00 – Monday 07:00 (Whole weekend) Monday – Friday 22:00 – 07:00 (Normal weekdays)

49) GLOBE COM cannot be held responsible for any downtime caused by Fibre provider e.g. Openserve, 365.

50) The customer will follow the correct channels when submitting any complaints or network failures through GLOBE COM customer portal, email (support@globecom.co.za), call centre (012 880 2459) and cannot use any 3rd party mediums or social networks.

51) Any of above standard rules and regulations are not met, a contract breach will commence. All equipment will be removed from the clients Premises ASAP. Labour costs per hour will be applied by removing equipment.

52) When signing below the Client and Landlord will comply with above terms, conditions, rules and regulations set by GLOBE COM.