Is wireless fibre better? Here’s how much it costs in South Africa

Wireless Fibre ? What is that ?

Unlike fibre, wireless fibre transmits data wirelessly, this can be beneficial because data moves faster through air than it does

Wireless Fibre is a fibre internet connection provided through

Hundreds of people are starting to embrace wireless fibre because it brings consistent and faster internet speeds to areas experiencing poor internet coverage. Unlike ADSL which uses copper, wireless fibre relies on fibre optic, which in its optimal state can provide internet speeds that are 50 times faster than ADSL. Wireless fibre is also easy to deploy as one does not neeed to have underground fibre in your area or permits for installation.

Since fibre is currently available in urban areas, ISPs are charging more than what they should for fibre giving no choice but to look for alternatives. Some ISPs will even cap or shape users speeds because of FUP(Fair Usage Policy).

Yes wireless fibre is good, but how much does it cost ?

Globe Com has wireless fibre plans suitable for home or business usage. You can pay as low as R350 for a 4Mbps line per month with free installation on a 24 months contract.



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