Our Network Services include

A solid network infrastructure is critical in today’s business environment. Globe Com has extensive experience in the delivery of valuable ICT Networking Services, including the design, implementation, and support of both hard-wired and wireless networks

What we offer is not just a once-off network solution; we provide the support and professional advice to structure a scalable and flexible network that will meet your current and future needs, from cabling infrastructure to monitoring and maintenance solutions. We know what will work for your business and can bring together leading edge hardware and cabling solutions to implement networking systems that will improve the efficiency of your entire system.

Globe Com will develop a sound initial network design that takes into consideration both short and long-term needs in order to assure a cost-effective system that can be easily and inexpensively upgraded. Selection of cabling, topology, network operating system, gateways, routers, switches/hubs, file server hardware, network cards, and network application software appropriate to the environment can mean the difference in a successful network that operates smoothly and efficiently, or one that is slow and difficult to use.

Monitoring: Utilizing powerful network monitoring tools. Set up includes integrated reporting of environmental and other conditions.

Auditing: We analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your network infrastructure in terms of configuration settings, devices, traffic volume and security, and deliver actionable recommendations that enhance network efficiency.

Configuration: We draw on our exposure to many networking and business environments to establish and maintain a data network that will meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs at the lowest cost and with the greatest flexibility.

Consulting: Our ICT consultants are suitably qualified to help you plan, build, expand or upgrade your network architecture to ensure that is not only secure, but also delivers optimal performance, reduces costs and mitigates risks.

Installation: We have the resources, skills and experience on hand to design and install networks in even the most challenging ICT environment, ensuring operability and efficiency with minimal disruption to your business operations.

Maintenance: For the continued reliability of your network, we offer high responsiveness support and maintenance contracts that covers all aspects of the operation, administration, upgrading and repairs of your network infrastructure.

Cabling Infrastructure: We can design, install and maintain structured voice and data, coaxial, fibre optic, CAT5 and CAT6 cabling systems to accommodate a wide variety of hardware configurations, depending on your specific business needs.

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