Andowl Q-UP700 10 000 mAh Mini DC UPS


Product Features:

-Built-in lithium battery.
-Microprocessor controller guarantees high reliability.
-Auto start when plugged in.
-Manual power off switch.
-Overload and short circuit protection.
-Over-charge and over-discharge protection.
-User’s friendly multi-LED status indicators.

Product Specifications:

-Allows setting output voltage-9/12/15/24 VDC via a switch.
-5V USB/DC output.
-Application: router, modem, wireless, phone, CCTV.

What’s in the box
1X Andowl 10000mAh Mini DC UPS White Q-UP700

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-Mini 10000mAh DC|PoE UPS allows you to power various devices from CCTV cameras to VOIP phones and routers. It features high capacity lithium-ion batteries for a total of 10000mAh battery power capacity for all your charging needs. It supports Power over Ethernet(PoE) to allow power to transfer over the data line for devices like VOIP PoE phones, sensors, and webcams. For extra safety, it also features an intelligent protective design which includes Over-Charge, Over-Discharge, and Short Circuit Protection.
-Note: Please bear in mind that the photo may slightly be different from the actual item in terms of colour due to the lighting during photo shooting or the monitor’s display.

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