Just a fancy acronym for an IP based telephony solution which uses the internet to make calls instead of dedicated lines. Do you have internet connectivity? Then you can setup VoIP and with the wide selection of connectivity options available there is sure to be something perfect to run your telephony solution. Our minutes are cheap and our applications easy and simple to use. Phone us today for a demonstration and pre-site to see how we can save you money.

Globe Com has partnered with carriers in South Africa with multiple Interconnect agreements to ensure high quality, low cost calling anywhere in the world. Our Voice Over IP platform is highly scalable without restriction to the number of inbound, outbound or combined lines that is adjustable within seconds to meet your changing requirements.

Globe com has the ability to offer a suite of hosted communication solutions providing customers a full range of hosted communication services. We have a range of products and services from a simple Hosted PBX through to a fully supported on client site communication platform

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